The Phoenix Witch never gets enough love.
don’t remove credit

The Phoenix Witch never gets enough love.

don’t remove credit

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So hey can we have a Killjoys movie now

No Danger Days makes me fucking angry because in the space of three songs it makes me miss my girlfriend then get horny then cry about the band ending

Who the hell had that idea

Anyone know what became of the car after Danger Days? Does Gerard still have it? Because if it’s been auctioned off, I will offer a damn large sum of money for that thing. Always loved Trans Ams.

So I finally got physical copies of Danger Days and Revenge(it’s been a long time coming!) and the funny thing was

On Revenge, there was a sticker saying it was “the new album”

I mean how fantastic is that

You know what’s gonna happen

In 2019, Danger Days is going to become reality and everyone’s going to wish that they had heard of My Chemical Romance sooner

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